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A 1-day Workshop Intervention for a Pharmaceutical company on the theme of Performance Coaching

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TOP 10 Hottest HR Start-ups in India

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Our latest play being devised on the life of
one of Indias greatest modern day painter. This play is scheduled for Premier in December.


 Amrita Sher-Gil - Trailer of Play

A 1-day Leadership Intervention on Ledading during Change @Mumbai



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Global Leadership Award ( D&I )

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This visual play will take the audience through a journey of self discovery, passion, romance, and painting styles of a young painter who refused to follow the norms set by the traditional rules of social structure. (check out latest videos)

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OT's most exciting theatrical venture which combines social improv (playback) and spontaneous painting. A show where actors not only perform on the stories of audiences but add colors to those stories by painting each other and also on the canvas on which they would be performing

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A 9-Sunday long workshop helping participants understand and dwell deeper into the world of characters on stage. Training includes physical theatre, voice, & emotions. Culminating in a play by the participants. Scheduled on Sundays from 3pm to 7pm. Call us to find out more. Checkout the latest participant reviews

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Basic Theatre Workshop

Watch out for our upcoming workshop outside India on various themes, such as The Nothingness Workshop which combines theatre and spirituality, a workshop for theatre practitioners. "Devising physical and verbal Metaphors for Actors", and more


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Offering Theatre based Trainings and interventions for Organizations at all levels

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A 3-phased Gender Diversity intervention with Theatre performances, workshops and campaigns  @ Bangalore

A 5-day Performance Intervention for an MNC on the theme of Diversity and Inclusion