About the Program : 
A 5 Sunday multi-sensorial theatre experience, online that uses tools from Playback Theatre, Psychodrama and Painting.

Duration: 2 Hours

Facilitator : Ranji David 

* Acknowledging and challenging the situations presented by the pandemic.
* Begin a conversation with the self and understand the inner landscapes

* Painting and composition making of personal stories

* Dream work of each participant 

* Encountering the authentic self 
* To express, explore, and connect to the inner creative and playful self to deal with the pandemic.

Participant Testimonials:

" ....There is a beauty and power in abstract to rock you to your core and expand you from within. The experiential workshop  for me was another opportunity for self reflection & study using guided theatre role-play techniques. Ranji has a unique style and the skills to get participants of every age group to open up and view themselves more powerfully and sensitively. This workshop is a win for all, transformational experience for the curious, the talented even the unaware. Each week  introduced us to a new way of exploration, as exciting as the last one. As the program concluded I was left with a great sense of peace and contentment, honestly one I didn't know I needed..... " Says Marilyn Paul

"......I attended the Experiential Theatre Workshop, conducted by Ranji David in September 20.
It was for 10 hours, spread over 5 weekly sessions.
This was my first theatre workshop - and I am 74 !
What I experienced was way beyond what I expected at the back of my mind.
I learnt how to be comfortable with myself, explore the different roles I have played in life; peel off my layers and find my core.
I learnt how to be an object.
I learnt how to be feelings.
I learnt how to amalgamate all these in a story - and then to enact it the way I envisioned.
It was way beyond conventional theatre.
It was therapy!
Thank you Ranji David......" Says Indira Somaiah


"....Experiential theatre workshop. I enjoyed learning to play with different elements in theatre - sculpting, psychodrama, sketching, object playback and dream theatre. This was my first fully online workshop with Ranji and I'm amazed at how the entire workshop was conducted. The stage was Zoom and my webcam!  The participants were very enthusiastic and creative from all age groups and each contributed in making this novel theatre experience richer. I loved it !..... says Gayathry Dasika

Experiential Theatre Workshop