In 2017 we sucessfully hosted "VOZDUKH" in Bangalore with public shows performing at various venues and winning the hearts of Bangalore audiences, which were hugely successful.

Organizational theatre brings to India, for the first time, Vozdukh from Moscow.
Vozdukh Project is an experimental project, which involves dance improvisation, modern plastic theater, and playback theater.

Vozdukh has founded two and a half years ago in Moscow, Russia and has already performed in 10 countries across the globe in United States, Canada, Switzerland, Netherlands, Serbia, Lebanon, Ukraine, Nigeria, Hungary, and Russia.



International Collaborations

The Amnesty International Supported our Shadow Theatre production "The Nuisance of Hamlet" which combined Shakespeare's work through images integrated with true life stories of children from Bangalore. Around 50 children were interviewed before the making of the play and 3 very common issues of children were then taken and integrated into the play. The play is being done in a format called Simultaneous Dramaturgy where children participate and share solutions to the problems presented. The play has completed 44 shows in 2 years

The World Economic Forum funded the WAVE (Women Against Violent Experiences) show. This show was done in Forum Theatre format. The show had 3 real life stories enacted on stage. The stories were culled after interviewing around 100 women across Bangalore. The process of presenting and post which the audiences were also asked to present solutions in a Forum where audiences included The Police Commissioner, BPAC CEO, politicians and other key government decision makers.

In 2011 we hosted Strings Theatre marionetts, a puppet Theatre company in Bangalore with a series of shows and workshops organized in various venues across Bangalore, shows of  " The Red Balloon". Based in London, String Theatre is a touring company that presents live performances using long-string
wood-carved marionettes on a custom-built touring stage. Stan is third generation marionettist who has worked professionally with Movingstage for over ten years. He also toured with the company in India (2010). Other work includes touring extensively with The Marionettears across Europe.

Stan and Soledad founded String Theatre in 2011 with their first production "The Red Balloon", toured in Hungary, India, Indonesia, Serbia and the UK.
Their most recent production is "The Marionette Insect Circus", toured in France, Indonesia, Russia, Tunisia and the UK.

It is part of our philosophy to collaborate with artists from across the globe, be it hosting performances or organising workshops to give our audiences a world class artistic exposure within India.

We believe in building stronger connection in a multi-cultural environment. Each of our engagements are built around the pillars of trust, respect and integrity.

If you are a company outside India and wish to be a part of such an experience with a rich cultural experience, do reach out to us.


In 2014 and 2015 we sucessfully hosted "The Handlebards" in Bangalore with 29 shows performing at various venues and winning the hearts of Bangalore audiences, which were hugely successful with 25 public shows being sold out.

4 men on 4 bikes with extreme Shakespearean adventure, the Handlebards perform shakespeare with cycle parts and camping items as props in their plays and after the successful tours in the summers of 2013 and 2014, described by none other than Sir Ian McKellen as 'uproariously funny', the HandleBards are back on their bikes for their most diverse season to date. Hamlet and A Midsummer Night's Dream are touring the country as we speak - and we think they may just be ourt best yet!

The HandleBards do Shakespeare differently - performing with eight very sore legs, and using their bikes to power various surprises and contraptions on-stage, whilst playing ALL the parts in Directors James Farrell (RSC, West End, Chichester Festival Theatre) and Emma Sampson's (of Riff Raff fame) hillarious 1930s indie-folk romps