Days : 5 Sundays

Time : 2 Hours per Sunday
Cost  : 5,000 Indian Rupees - Payment through Bank Transfer 

            100 Euros - Payment to be Done through PayPal
            105 Dollars - Payment to be done through PayPal  


Participants Testimonials

" The idea to beyond the regular and play with objects not only improves and strengthens the creativity muscles but is also therapeutic in nature..... 

....the idea to embody the self through the other, to watch the stories of others played out through objects let you look at your own self, the stories you carry within you and the stories of others

....who am I without a human form, how do I look, how do my problems, solutions and journeys through the lens of an objects. all these are fascinating revelations for the participants as they continue to explore and express in these sessions "  ..... says Ranji Davidwho comes with 20 years of playback theatre and is also a certified group therapist 

  • Each session is designed in a unique way so as to take the participants from the basic of understanding the philosophy of story telling through objects. 
  • Sessions on understanding metaphors
  • Sessions that combine Poetry, Object Theatre and music
  • Playing and using different forms from playback theatre that were created specifically for object theatre such as voice mail through objects, 3-part story, stories without dialogues so on and so forth
  • These sessions are built on the philosophy of non-judgement  which give the participants the allowance to be free, explore and make as many mistakes (adult word)

  • Giving life to everyday objects
  • Using object to playback stories of audiences
  • Connecting to your authentic self through objects
  • Using the power of objects for personal, team and community transformation
  • Understanding different types of story telling through objects
  • How to make a stories abstract, realistic, symbolic and expressionistic 
  • How to convert stories into metaphors

Objectives : 


A participants setup

Object Theatre Workshops are one among a few online innovations that emerged during the times of this pandemic, this workshop is done once in 2 months in a year. Participants join us from around the globe to be a part of this unique once in a lifetime experience.

​if you are interested to join the next batch, send an email to : (with the subject : Object Theatre )


It was indeed a great learning, never knew object could speak and now I am in love with the idea of playing with objects. Thank you so much - Surbhi , Switzerland

Thank you so much I learnt a lot and appreciate your facilitation and the community - Joyce, USA

Loved the Atmosphere, the way the sessions were conducted and the amazing creativity to do playback theatre rethought objects - Rita Spijker , Netherlands 

Session Plan