Workshop Conducted at Theatre Pur Pur, Switzerland by Ranji David

Workshop Conducted in Serbia by Ranji David

Invited to conduct
Dealing with the unconsciousness of an Organization using theatre, a theatre seminar cum workshop for the students of the Masters program and the Higher School of Economics, Moscow University

Feedback from Prof Andre, HOD Psychoanalysis and Business Studies

Looking back to last weekend and the workshop I still have a good feeling, it carries within me.  As I said to a fellow participant when changing clothes at the end: “This workshop it a pearl in the chain of good memories in my life!”..... says Risto Railo

Participant Testimonials

Workshops Conducted in Moscow, Russia by Ranji & Almas

The 2 workshops we were invited to conduct
1.Nothingness workshop conducted for PB#01 by Ranji David and Almas Kotadia. This workshop combines Playback theatre and spirituality (Zen Buddhism) in particular. It helps participants understand stillness and being in moment strongly for theatre practitioners.

2.Devising to create physical and Verbal Metaphors, an open workshop led by Ranji for experienced theatre practitioners  from various theatre companies on looking at various tools and techniques to devise on stories using physical and verbal metaphors. The workshop helps participants to dwell deeply and understand the rhythm and cycle of creative metaphors in a world richly filled with them. It helps the participants to get inspired by the forces of nature and thus develop a greater understanding of using these inspirations back on stage while devising stories. 

Workshop Conducted at Kosovo, Finland by Ranji David

Participant Testimonials

Participant Testimonial

Workshop Conducted At Higher School of Economics, Moscow University, Moscow by Ranji & Almas

Workshop invited to conduct
Circle of Life : Conducted by Ranji for around 60 participants from 15 different countries in 2 batches. The workshop focused on the circle and its significance for practitioners on the theme of Times of Change. It deeply questions our actions, thoughts and priorities around self, community and country. At a time when the world around looks bleak in inspiration, this workshop helps participants build plans, action items and initiatives that the participants can go back to their countries and kick start those ideas that are close to their hearts on the theme of Times of Change.

Experimental Lab work Attended

Playback using Paint : A Lab work led by Anastasia from Moscow on using and understanding colors and paints while devising stories.

Workshop Conducted at Milan, Italy by Ranji David

International Workshops

Workshop Conducted at Devon, UK by Ranji David

Participant Testimonials

" The experience was fun, collaborative and creative coupled with reflections... " says Jurgen

"The workshop was inspiring..." says Dr. Wolfgang

Workshop Conducted at Berlin, Germany by Ranji David

Participant Testimonials

Participant Testimonial

Participant Testimonials

Workshop Conducted at Rue De Sale,Paris by Ranji David

Workshop Conducted at The Atlier, Netherlands by Ranji David