One of the oldest forms of human drama started with story telling. This workshop takes the participants through various styles of story telling and helps participants build their creative repository, emotional capacity and their ability to make complex narration into the most exciting presentations. These workshops may take 1-2 days depending on the outcome and objective. They push the boundaries for a common man/woman who has no experience in theatre.  A great stepping stone into the world of imagination, combined with gripping audience management skills and persuade an audience.  Not only leaders but also managers have realized the power of telling stories. Customers appreciate when executives are able to convert a complex conversation into a simple yet powerful story through the tools of story telling.Our master story tellers take you workshops which are designed for all ages and for people at any level within an organization.

Story Telling for Executives, Managers, and Leaders

Mime and Pantomime to Enhance people skills

 Expressing only through Body and without vocal support is sometimes quite demanding but equally very exciting for participants. These workshops are designed to make the participants comfortable with their bodies and express through Gestures, Mannerisms, Physical language, and Physical memory.  Workshops such as these can be quite liberating and filled with lots of learning and fun. We integrate these workshop in an organizational context and help participants understand the very ethos of working with the body. The physical body can sometimes unlock the key to a person's inhibition levels and just spring board a participant to another level of understanding ones own body, accepting it, playing with it and healing it.  Among the few tools we use could be a combination of Lecoq's physical language techniques, Grotowski's physical exploration and some of India's well known classical dance and movement techniques.

Plays of Shakespeare have a unique quality to them; the verse, monologues, actions, gestures, plot and style of acting.
Through the works of Shakespeare we take participants through the play making of one of the classics. The participants present the work to an audience. The process of play making is more important to us as there arises the complexity of team work, leading-following, envisioning, conflict resolution, delegation, managing stress, and all the other elements that are required as skills in an organization for every leader and manager.

The workshop in itself takes the participants through the whole process of making a shakespeare classic come alive through costumes, props, set designing, music, lights, and devising to make it a grand one.

Feedback are reflected back to the participants based on what the trainers observe and share.  Various leadership and managerial styles emerges from the participants through the whole play making process. Fun Exhilarating and highly experiential  this workshop is a  one of its kind in the country.

Leadership & Managerial skills through Shakespeare

Participants in our Improv  workshop

Participants in our Improv  workshop

Imagine a play where the actors listen to stories from the audiences and make that into a play on the spot with no rehersals. Where actors create poetry and dance on the spot based on the reactions given to them by the audience !!! Welcome to  Improvizational Theatre, where audience decides how a show goes and the actors use their creativity, collaboration, devising, humane, and other skills to embody those reactions. Improv itself is further divided into Social Improv and Comedy Improv. The tools of an Improv Actor have a commonality with skills required for a Leader and a Manager. This workshop take the participants through various tools and techniques that Improv actors use, both in Comedy Improv and in Social Improv and use those learning to further enhance situations back at work. Participants would be challenged to do an Improv theatre performance at the end of the workshop where learnings are further put into practice and debriefings are done by our trainers based on the method, style and understanding of Improvizational Theatre by the participants.

Painting-Sketching & People Skills

Training Lab

Paintings done during the workshops

Paintings done during the workshop

We are currently researching the elements, tools and philosophy of painting and its connections to enhance people skills. The different kinds of brush strokes, what they mean and intend, the understanding of color combinations and its power.  Different styles of paintings such as Realism, Impressionism, Cubisim, Dadaism, Expressionism, Surrealism and what it implies in people skills. The preparation, planning, outlining, sketching, composition and finally painting and the correlation to people skills. We offer an exciting range of programs using Painting and Sketching as a medium and the theatricity of it all that makes it exciting, fun and liberating for participants.   

Improv - Leadership and Managerial Skills

Being trained clowns we felt a strong connection between the tools of clowning and the essential skills of a Leader. A true clown at the core is a very sensitive, spontaneous, creative, radical thinker with an ability to understand what the audiences what and accordingly change or improvise in situations that most people would find very difficult of simply outrageously difficult. To become a clown one goes through a rigorous process of self reflection, ability to express freely, being in the moment, Letting Go and understanding stillness. We help Leaders and Senior Managers in an Organization find the essence of organizational requirement and understand them through clowning.

Clowning and Leadership

Participants at the Nothingness workshop in Italy

Participants at the Nothingness Workshop in Finland

Our Journey to understand the spiritual depths led us into a space unknown and deep.  Since 2009 our Founder, has been on a spiritual quest, and a parallel journey to understand if Theatre and Spirituality ever met and their ramifications. After constant deep reflections, re-learning spirituality in a new dimension, his journey took him closer to ZEN and Tao. The more he dwelled deeper into the spiritual side the more he saw the connections between the two. The more the similarity, the parallels, the understandings and resonance. In 2013 he launched " The Nothingness Workshop " in Italy and Finland. The workshops were for highly experienced practitioners, whose understanding of life and art were deep and rich,  hence the resonance towards Spirituality through theatre was reverberating. Started as a Lab work, this work has now grown and evolved. We now offer these findings and deep understandings for Leaders, Senior Managers in any organization. 

Theatre and Spirituality

A space where we test, try, involve, reflect, play with new and exciting tools and integrate them into an organizational setup.
The following are a set of cross pollination of theatre, management concepts, and radical philosophies emerging out of our Lab.