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10 Facilitators

15 Directors

13 Playwrights

100 Actors

35 Production Team

15 Technical Team



Our Global Offices

Mental Health Coach and Facilitator

Based in Lisbon, Portugal. This Incredibly high energy and bundle of positivity is force to reckon with. She is a Painter & Professor of Language and Culture with 20 years of educational experiences in various countries.

She is One of our facilitators in the space of art and art installations with her rich experiences in art. Having lived and worked in countries like Poland, China, and Portugal she brings in unique perspectives to art and its assimilation. Her current engagement is in the space of Certified Art Installation Programme with us.

Director - Learning and Development

Anand Manickaraj

Anand Kumar

Our entire India Team comes with a rich experience of various industries from IT, ITES to Manufacturing to Educational to Pharma-Biopharma to Advertising to Mass Media to Telecommunications ...... to name a few with

​a single minded focus on 

"Transforming individuals, communities, organizations, and countries through the power of theatre"

Maria Elvares

Elena Roncoroni from Italy is Playback theatre trainer, performer and conductor; action method group coach since 2002 and body worker since 1995 (shiatsu, energy medicine, qi gong), trauma release process practitioner and Focusing trainer. India is a magnet for her as here she feels calm in the midst of chaos. 

She likes working with people, playfully enhancing creativity, supporting connections and deep listening, partner them while exploring their shadow and their light.

She specializes in people work in organizations and uses theatre based tools for interventions and training on various themes. She brings a unique skills of healing and therapeutic tools to deal in organizations, not only for groups but also for individuals

Head of NCR Region - India

Health and Fitness Coach



Principal Consultant - EMEA

Dr. Ritika Kalra

 Sales & BD - South America  Region

Elena Roncoroni

Anand is a coach having worked in Canada for nearly four decades in various capacities. As a soft skills trainer, he has designed and delivered essential skills for life/career design for newcomers to Canada to find gainful employment. In the recent past, he has redefined his career in India as a coach/consultant.  He works with individual and group coaching, combining Tai Chi and Psychodrama. He has a deeper understanding of systems approach to enhance creativity and spontaneity in
individuals and groups to work co-creatively that benefits all.

He has his masters inleadership in organizational development from Royal Roads University, Canada; a Certified master coach in Psychodrama from VedhaDrama – Moreno Institut Germany, Advanced NLP from Wellspring NLP Integrated, India; and Transactional Analysis from Relations, India; and TA Matters from South Africa

Delhi          Hyderabad
Gurgaon     Kolkata
Mumbai      Pune
Chennai      Bangalore

Ritika is a passionate health and fitness Coach with a decade of experience in teaching yoga and changing lives using food as medicine. Make healthy lifestyle, contagious is her motto !

She has acquired a diverse range of experience and skills within Sales and Marketing arena and have had the opportunity to be involved in many different roles including networking, collaboration, business development and events with MNC's such as AMC, Amway to name a few. She understands the consumer approach and journey from prevention to cure.

She holds a PhD in Food, Nutrition and Wellness from Mysore University, and a Higher Diploma in Food, Nutrition and Wellness Studies from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Anand has a Fine Arts Educational background (BFA and MFA) and has over 10 years of Corporate Experience working for various domains with a fair understanding of design elements with strong urge to research, learn and experience new trends in design.

He is a LalitKala Academy Award Winner, 2004. His works have won several award and his paintings are a part of several National Exhibitions . In Organizational Theatre his role to develop, design and execute campaigns, collaterals and visual content which are of world class standards.

Evgeny Smirnov




Our local Team of Actors and Facilitators are also based in these cities of India 

Priyanka Patole

Malvina Wojciechowska (Portugal)

Head for Russia Regions

Priyanka is a Trainer, an Arts based therapy Practitioner, Psychotherapist, Career Counsellor and a Coach. She has a decade long experience in various functions of the HR dept. in MNC`s like Techmahindra Ltd., FIS,etc. Her work in the mental health field for over 6 years has only solidified her intent to facilitate the growth potential in individuals through her blended expertise. 

She has worked with many NGOs in areas of  de-addiction, youth development and other psychological ailments like depression, anxiety etc. 

* Certified CBT for Anxiety, Depression & Suicide Prevention – BECK Inst., USA
• Certified ARTs Based Therapy – Bapu Trust – WCCLF , Pune
• PGCCP Post Grad Cert in Counselling Psychology – Ferguson College, Pune
•  Masters in HR – Pune University

Based out of Sao Paulo, Brazil Maria is an Engineering Graduate with a Masters in Business Administration. She comes withe vast experience in the areas of sales, marketing and business Development 

Her focus area of Organizational theatre will be sales and marketing in the South America Region along with Portugal and Spain.

Her passion to understand clients and customers needs and translate that into design and Development that finally results in a wholistic theatre based learning and experience is her strength. Very driven and very passionate about her work are the few attributes to her personality. She is also a fitness freak.

​Head for Europe Regions

Art Director  

Senior Consultant 

Evgeny is from Moscow and specializes in leadership development in organizations using such instruments as executive coaching, business training and team alignment strategic sessions. As a trainer and coach he most frequently works with themes like change management, team alignment, influencing skills, effective feedback, conflict resolution, emotional awareness and control, public speaking and general career development. Evgeny’s balanced approach is appreciated by clients as they embark on challenging changes in a safe and natural way.
In the past eight years Evgeny has been working intensely as an executive coach, trainer and consultant with top providers of leadership education in Russia, conducting corporate universities and training and development programs including initial planning and design, assessment and selection, and training and coaching.  Before moving into leadership development industry Evgeny took marketing and sales roles at a leading investment bank in Russia, and later on at a venture capital start-up.
Evgeny's client experience includes biggest Russian and multinational companies, as well as small and medium-sized businesses across many industries: Banking and Finance, Oil and Gas, Energy Sector, Manufacturing, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Media, IT, Public sector and NGOs.

Maria Valadares

Our Team of Actors, ​Directors, and Facilitators

Our Team

Ranji was previously heading the Learning and Development Center of TechMahindra, Bangalore for 6.5 years in his 13 years of corporate stint. 
He is a trained Actor, Director and Theatre Trainer.

He is a theatre practitioner for the last 20 years in India and outside India. 

Education completed
Devised Theatre, Moving Body, and Theatre for Change from the London International School of Performing Arts (LISPA).
* Clowning and Mindfulness from N2N, Emerson College, Essex, UK
Theatre for Social Change from the Dartington Center, UK.
* Certified Master Coach and Psychodrama Director from Veda-Drama, Germany

Theatre Festivals Performed In:
Edinburgh Fringe Theatre Festival, Scotland ( Production: Bhagwaan Dhoondo )
* European Theatre Festival, Devon, UK ( Production: Untold Stories )

* Indian Theatre Festival, London ( Production: Bhagwaan Dhoondo )

* Indian Theatre Festival, Theatre PurPur, Switzerland ( Production: Untold Stories )

* Indian Theatre Festival, The Atlier, Den Hauge, Netherlands ( Production: Untold Stories ) 
* Indian Theatre Festival, The Barbican Theatre, Devon, UK ( Production: Bhagwaan Dhoondo)

Practitioner Details
Conducted workshops in the UK, Switzerland, Netherland, France, Germany, Italy, Finland, and Singapore. He has most recently launched “The Nothingness Workshop” which combines the principles of Zen, Tao, and Theatre in Italy and Finland. 

Awards and Recognition:
He has won the Global Leader for Diversity and Inclusion from the World HRD Congress in 2017, for his work in 16 countries. 
Organizational Theatre wins the Hottest HR Startup at NHRD in 2015
He was the finalist at the YCEA award by the British Council in 2012.

Principal Consultant 


Ranji David

Ankur Nahata