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Employee Shows

Some of the performanceswe train employees for performances include

1. Playback Theatre - Where employees are trained in improv and creativity and then the employees present the performance to other employees 

2. Forum Theatre - Employees are trained in stage performance and also trained on how to devise stories. These stories are then devised for rehearsals along with the director / trainer / facilitator leading the workshop. At the end of the workshop the employees present their performance to the internal audience 

3. Scripted Theatre - A script is finalised much in advance, then the employees are trained in theatre, then the actors present the story or stories to the audiences 

4. Shakespeare at Workspace - Any of Shakespeare plays are taken then devised towards a performance 

5. Shadow Theatre - A series of shadow plays based on themes chosen by clients

Participants go through a series of workshops to enable them to perform as actors

* Wipro: - Theatre based Team Building and collaboration workshop for 150 HR leaders culminating in a Festival of 5 Shakespeare plays  

* Syngene (Biocon) : - Celebrating true-life stories of women

* Hindalco :- Challenging the status quo for Senior Leaders

Performance types

* There are organisations who want their employees to perform rather than our actors

* These consist of short duration training on acting, followed by a performance by the employees

These are intervention ( theme based such as collaboration )

* In Some performances our group of directors are involved, in some performances employees are involved 

Client :  Wipro 
Theme : Collaboration
Audience : HR employees at all Levels 
Number: 150 employees

Type :  A Festival of 5 Shakespeare plays

About the Program: This 4-hour workshop was for a group of 150 HR with first workshop on collaboration, then the participants were broken into smaller teams to devise 5 Shakespeare plays

Duration: 4 hours

* To collaborate efficiently as a large group
* Coming together and creating a space of connection
* Being a team player
* Inclusion of ideas during devising 


Theatre activities and tools are from psychodrama, sociodrama, and Boal Methodology.


* All theatre performances are tailor made for every singe organisation 

* All theatre performances address specific needs within an organisation

Through this tool we address 100 to 500 people in your organization within a short duration

* Some performances our actors are involved, in some performances employees are involved 

Few Performance based Interventions