Running successfully since 2003. We have completed over 30 batches of Basic Theatre Workshops.


During the 9-Sunday workshop, the participants rehearse for 3 sunday and put up their  first public performance in a public space and only then they  become full time Actors of our Theatre company

We are constantly looking out for people who have never done theatre but want to try and understand it, in its totality. If you are looking out then do fill the form below and we shall get you going on our next theatre adventure.  The next batch starts soon.

Time: Sundays -  3pm to 7pm
Duration: For 9 Sundays only 

Testimonials of participants 

A 9-Sunday theatre workshop after which participants become full time member with our theatre company


For people with no prior theatre experience

Basic Acting workshops began in 2003, our most successful venture. Our workshops for newcomers are conducted by our most experienced facilitator and Founder Ranji David, who comes with 21-years of rich professional theatre experience.

In our workshop participants explore creation of an entire production, through creativity, experimentation, physical training, team work and self discovery while understanding the basics of theatre. It also focuses on physical and improvisational theatre. This workshop process helps participant to overcome stage fright, inhibitions, push physical, mental and creative boundaries. It is an attempt to the discover self and understand working in teams using methods that are basic yet fundamental in approach. 


The workshop focuses on ‘FUN with Theatre’ through experiential learning with an enviornment that is highly non-judgmental and open.


Workshop module includes:
- An absolute fun-based learning environment
- A reminder to break our internal patterns and templatization   
- Working on various physical and emotional language of expressions
- Introduction to various Improvisational tools and techniques  
- Exploring physical, vocal, and emotional transformations 
- Working with characters and the process leading to characterization 
- Ensemble work aimed towards devising

- Connecting to nature, people and self.

The 5 pillars of our workshops on which actors are trained

1. A completely non-judgemental environment

2. An absolutely non-competitive environment

3. A place and process to unmask yourself and be REAL.

4. A place to explore and find your "internal compass".

5. Being creative and expressive, the fun way.