* Biocon : - A Gender Diversity Intervention in 3 phases.

* Reliance : - Celebrating true-life stories of women

* Allstate :- Challenging the status quo for Senior Leaders

* Akamai :- Leading Change for senior leaders

* UTASC :-  Leading outside Authority for Senior Mangers

* CLP:- Leading during Times of Change for Senior Leaders (Across 3 cities)

* Dr. Reddy’s :- Performance Management (Across 6 Plants)

* Deutsche Bank:- Diversity and Inclusion (Across 4 Cities)

Program Name: Diversity and Inclusion

Performance based Intervention

Some of the theatre forms we use as performances include
1. Playback Theatre

2. Forum Theatre
3. Scripted Theatre
4. Simultaneous Dramatrugy
5. Rainbow of Desire
​6. COP in the Head
7. Shakespeare at Workspace
8. Shadow Theatre

We have also done theatre performances on themes such as
* Diversity and Inclusion as a 3 phase performance approach
* Mission, Vision, and Values
* Performance Management System
* Collaboration
* Business Etiquette
* Leadership
​* Customer Centricity

* All theatre performances are tailor made for every singe organisation 

* All theatre performances address specific needs within an organisation

Through this tool we address 100 to 500 people in your organization within a short duration

* Some performances our actors are involved, in some performances employees are involved 

Performance based Interventions

About the Program: This 2-hour Intervention was done in a format called social theatre for all the employees in DB across 4 cities. Three specific stories around Diversity and Inclusion (LGBTQ+ In specific) we played in front of the employees seeking dialogue and a community based resolution if one encounters such a problem at work


Duration: Two Hour

​* Open dialogues and Community resolution.
* Not being a bystander but taking charge of situations .
* Ability to become Empathetic and a good listener 
* Fostering a culture of inclusion


Theatre activities and tools are from psychodrama, Sociodrama and, Boal Methodology.

Few Performance based Interventions