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Organizational Theatre

Our Logo

Designed by the Award-winning Painter Anand Kumar. The Logo of Organizational Theatre gives the viewer in one image an understanding of the essence of a theatre in an Organizational context.

An Individual taking a bow near a larger ring is at the very base of what a performance is and the bow is to the audience to whom he/she has put it all the efforts to translate and culminate in a performance that gives both the viewer and the Actor a high. A high of tranquility, a high of vulnerability, a high of one-ness, a high of nothing-ness, a high of a past gone by and the looking forward to the future of endless possibilities. This further puts a spot light on the essence that in all our workshops, our participants culminate their journey by performing plays and taking a bow.

Since at OT, the process is most important than the outcome itself, we have given you a sneak peak into the mind of an artist at work on how he finally converged into an image that made all the meaning and captured the essence. The process of arriving is an interesting journey, not many are aware in the process of Logo creation, this 3-step image driven pictures gives you all that you need to know on the journey of an artist at work. 

Anand is a full time painter based out of Bangalore, his works have take the art world and galleries by storm.

Our  Philosophy


" Core to our belief is that just like every human being has a potential for transformation, every organization has a potential for transformation; if it chooses to. Facilitating those choices and giving an absolutely open environment for individuals to share and reflect into meaningful insights and discussion leads us into greater understanding of decisions made by individuals and organizations, thus helping take better choices. Individuals transform only if they choose to transfrorm themselves, similarly, organizations transform only if its chooses to transform...." says Ranji David


Our Work

Based out of Bangalore, India; Organizational Theatre is one of pioneers in theatre based interventions for organizations across the globe started in the year 2013.

All our workshops and interventions are tailor made for every single organization that we come in contact with. At the core of our work, we use all the tools of theatre for Human and Organizational Transformation.

We use high end theatre tools for Diagnosis and Prognosis in an organization to identify and build theatre solutions with key Stake holders and Leaders. Our strength is to identify organizational challenges and provide theatre-based solutions to the same.