The Repertory performs for organizations in various setting, situations and Themes. Whether it is an internal event to create awareness, or if it about celebrating of coming together, or even a performance on Gender Diversity, or Customer Centricity, or managing Change or Town Hall Meetings, or any such occasion, we would be there performing with our actors.

​Our Performances would be scripted, devised or even improvised.

In pure Improv performances, like playback Theatre our actors would pick up stories from the audiences and make that into a play on the spot, they would even create poetry and dance based on the inputs given by the audience. 

​For Playback and Fourm, the performance would be for mass audience size such as 50 to 300. Give us a theme and we would gladly convert it into a theatre performance  

Theatre for Education

Workshops for schools includes workshops (short term programs), club activities (mid-term program) and curriculum based (long term) theatre training for children.

We also conduct theatre based interventions for teachers, these are done in a phased manner.

Workshop for colleges includes Theatre for Management Studies, Theatre for Life Skills program, Theatre based interventions and Faculty Development programs.

We also help educational institutions with directing plays and organizing large scale productions with students involving in all aspects of theatre making.  Since this Division is quite a large entity, our Theatre for Education is headed by Almas Kotadia. Call us on 9845243051 if your institution is keen to take this ahead with us

Actor Training Programs 

We conduct theatre workshops for experienced actors and new comers. These include short term, long term and residential programs for actors. There are workshops for newcomers and experienced actors. It is our constant endeavor to dwell deeper into the working with actors. It is our passion to continue to expand the language and vocabulary of the actor training. One of our current workshop running, the Basic Theatre and Acting workshop is a 5-Sunday long experience. Post which participants do a play and then become members of our Theatre compaay. For the next batch call us on 9845243051.

The Repertory

A a full time theatre company with full time Actors, Directors, and Trainers. At the Repertory we are always working on a play, sometime more then 3 at the same time.  The Repertory actors are at times part of the theatre interventional performances in various organizations. These actors also lend themselves in various setting as the situations demands from an entertaining environment to a therapeutic setting.

The Repertory


Corporate Performances