O f f e r i n g s

These are workshops that are radical in nature due to its content. They push the boundaries of participants, and are quite exciting in nature. Their very theme help drive the workshop in a direction that the participant feel liberating, fun filled with deep learnings.

Level 5 work includes : Theatre and Spirituality, Clowning and Leadership, Leadership and Managerial Skills through Improv, Leadership through Shakespeare, Story telling for People in an organization, Mime and Pantomime to enhance People Skills

Sometimes organizations require a performance based intervention and not a workshop based interventions. In those cases we build solutions with various forms and formats of theatre for the desired effect. In these cases our actors visit the client premises and present these as interventions

Some of the theatre forms we use as performances include
1. Playback Theatre

2. Forum Theatre
3. Scripted Theatre
4. Simultaneous Dramatrugy
5. Rainbow of Desire
​6. COP in the Head
7. Shakespeare at Workspace
8. Shadow Theatre

We have done theatre performances on themes such as
* Diversity and Inclusion as a 3 phase performance approach
* Mission, Vision, and Values
* Performance Management System
* Collaboration
* Business Etiquette
* Leadership
​* Customer Centricity

* Understanding the Patterns & Rhythms of an organization for CEO's

* Manging and Leading During Change

* Theatre based Story telling for Product sales

* Enhancing Negotiation skills using Theatre

* Building PMS Rewards and Recoginition systems using Theatre

* A 3-phased Diversity and Inclusion program using Theatre

* Women Empowerment program using Theatre

* Inter-Departmental Collaboration using Theatre

* Leading during times of change using Theatre

* Story telling to enhance Presentations skills for Leaders

* Building Assertiveness using Theatre

* Collaboration workshop for Leaders using Theatre 

* Cross cultural Enhancement for Global Teams
* D
eveloping Empathy & humane skills using theatre

* Customer Centricity

Theatre performance based Interventions

Level 3: Theatre for Therapy

Level 4: Theatre for Organizational Change

About our Offering

 Level 1 : Theatre for Fun 

Level 2: Theatre for Intervention

Some of the workshops we have done using theatre includes

This would be 2 or 3 days in duration at the end of which the participants perform a play on a given theme. This level is further divided into 3 phases Deep Dive, Workshop and Handholding. These interventions could be for employees at any Level and will include participation from key stakeholders in the Handholding phase

Level 2 work includes: Experiencing Leadership | People Management | Persuasive Presentation | Assertiveness | Influencing & Negotiation.

This is essentially a 1 to 2 day workshop where participants perform a show on the theme of the workshop. This workshop could cover simpler and single themes. The participants would first go through debrief-driven theatre activities. We begin with simple activities and as time progresses the activities would become more and more complex. Activities are designed in such a manner that those with no theatre
experience can transition smoothly.

Level 1 work includes : Team Building | Collaboration | Trust | Communication

These are one-on-one sessions at the leadership/ key stakeholder levels with
actors and facilitators involved for a period of 1 to 6 months to help participants
overcome barriers through theatre. Depending on the severity of the issues,
some of the sessions could also be clinical in nature.

Level 3 work includes: Leading Self | Leading People | Leading Business

This would be work done in a phased manner due to the nature of the
theme/ topic. Themes that affect the organization and where everyone needs
to be an equal participant. This Level is further divided into 3 phases ; Awareness, Action, and Sustenance

Level 4 work includes: Diversity & Inclusion | Health | Change Management | Value and Ethics.

Pyschodrama and Sociodrama.
Playback theatre & Theatre of the oppressed
Forum theatre, Complete the story, Newspaper Theatre & Simultaneous Dramaturgy
Shadow Theatre, Puppet Theatre, Clowning
Devised theatre and in detail tools such as Chorus, Characterization, Grotowski's Body Work, & Viewpoints.
Scripted theatre and in detail tools such as physicalization, vocalization, characterization, Emotional Intelligence, and Stage aesthetics.

Some of the Theatre Tools that would be used

Level 5: Radical Theatre workshops(out of Training Labs)

All are workshop levels are designed in a progressive manner so as to make the transition into theatre work easier and enjoyable for the participants. The Levels also indicate the complexity of work done and the challenge that the organization poses, thus these levels push the very internal boundaries of the participants enhancing their physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual side. The levels also push an organization to look beyond its structured walls of compromises.